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Mesa de Vida brings you modern, healthy, gourmet pantry staples for the way we cook today.

  • Always multi-tasking, versatile, low or no sodium, no oils, fillers, gums, or refined sugars. Ingredients that enhance your health and meals.
  • Truly helpful kitchen helpers to save you time and effort.
  • Flavors with an exciting globally-inspired twist that help you break out of a cooking rut and bring life to your table!

"The table is where we gather, nourish, connect, create memories, and create community.
But life is busy! I wanted to create a way to make it easier for anyone to make a great meal that will help us live healthier lives and bring life back to the table. No special skills, equipment, or ingredients necessary."

Hi, and welcome! I’m Chef Kirsten Helle Sandoval, the founder of Mesa de Vida. I’m a former performance and recovery chef to professional athletes, and a busy mom.

I turned my health around (and accidentally lost over 100 pounds) when, as a young mom, I set out to end the cycle of heart disease in my family.

I'm also a living kidney donor, and mom to two kids with a rare genetic condition.

I'm also an unabashed food lover! (You too? Then this is the place for you!)

I couldn't find products on the market that fit all of my client's needs, and my needs.

I knew there was a way we could have it all: low/no salt products, multi-tasking products that are truly useful, no PUFA oils, exciting globally inspired and gourmet flavors, convenience, ingredients that boost flavor AND nutrition, versatility, variety, and above all GREAT taste.

So, I went out and created them for us, and now I get to share them with you! 

We can't help you with the dishes, but we can help you cook dinner!

Plant-based or Paleo, grain-free or pasta-licious, slow cooker or one-pan skillet meals, 3-ingredient 15 minute weeknight wonders, or recipes that will WOW at your next dinner party (even if you think you can't cook). We've got you covered.

Take a shortcut to a delicious flavor adventure and transform your simplest of ingredients into a masterpiece. Mesa de Vida makes it easy for you to make it amazing!

Healthy recipes abound at MesadeVida.com!

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