How To Create The Best Holiday Gourmet Gift Basket

How To Create The Best Holiday Gourmet Gift Basket

Give a world of flavor and a truly useful gift most anyone would love to get by assembling a holiday gourmet gift basket.

A curated holiday gift basket is great for host gifts, teacher gifts, or holiday company party gift exchanges. (We've watched people fight over this basket of goodies at gift exchanges!)

Why this gift basket is the perfect gift:

  • It looks abundant and impressive without spending a fortune
  • It's a truly useful gift (no useless junk like many other gift baskets can contain)
  • You can customize each addition to the recipients needs (gluten free, dairy free, easy kitchen additions for new cooks or elevated foodie finds for seasoned cooks
  • We love the finding the basket at thrift stores to create a more sustainable gift with less waste 

Mesa de Vida's globally inspired meal starter sauces make a fantastic foundation to build your custom gift basket around. Not only are they a meal-making hack, they're healthy and delicious, they're also unique and special, making them perfect for almost everyone to enjoy.

Watch the video below for Chef Kirsten's tips for creating the best holiday gift basket. 

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