Shakshouka (or Shakshuka) is a delicious recipe for breakfast, brunch, or any time of day really. Our recipe is as simple as can be, too! Mesa de Vida North African Inspired Cooking and Seasoning Sauce has all of the rich, complex seasonings – including cumin,  cinnamon and peppers (while being mild for all tastes), onion, garlic, roasted red bell peppers, fresh parsley and brightness from lemon and a touch of vinegar – all in one jar for you! *Bonus, this is just ONE of the uses of our incredibly versatile sauces!

To make this simply delicious dish, simply pour, simmer, crack in those eggs and simmer a little longer.

Shakshouka is a Tunisian recipe for baked eggs in a headily spiced, flavorful tomato sauce. You may see other regional versions of baked eggs in tomato sauce such as Eggs in Purgatory, or Uovo al Pomodoro. For our recipe though, you don’t even have to pick up a knife. Let’s get cooking!


*Recipe note: While this recipe looks lovely in a cast iron pan, the pan may impart an off-note of flavor to tomato-based recipes. We recommend using an enameled cast iron or regular skillet for this recipe. 

Shakshouka Recipe with Mesa de Vida North African Cooking Sauce

Serves 2-4. Simply use a larger dish and more eggs to feed more people!
1/2 cup Mesa de Vida North African Cooking & Seasoning Sauce

15 oz canned crushed or pureed tomatoes

Salt and hot sauce to taste (Harissa hot sauce is perfect for this.)

4 eggs

Optional: Feta cheese and cilantro

      1. Heat a skillet (that has a lid) over medium heat. When hot, add the Mesa de Vida North African Cooking Sauce to the skillet. Stirring constantly, simmer for about 30 seconds. (Your kitchen now smells amazing by the way.)
      2. Stir in the tomatoes, add salt and hot sauce to taste.  Bring  to a simmer.
      3. Crack each egg into a ramekin or cup. To keep the egg white from pooling up on the top of the sauce here is a trick: Put the bottom of the ramekin into the sauce then tip back to pour the egg right into the little pool that you just made. Easy!
      4. Salt the eggs to taste if you wish, crumble over the feta cheese if you’re using.
      5. Cover and simmer until the eggs are cooked to your liking. We like the white just cooked through and the yolk nice and runny.
      6. Serve with bread, or over couscous or rice if you wish. Enjoy!

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