Mediterranean Flavor Recipe Starter and Cooking Sauce

Recipe Starter and Cooking Sauce
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Packed with a complex blend of aromatic vegetables, olives, capers, and herbs in a concentrated tomato base. Use as a healthy Mediterranean recipe starter and simmer sauce, gourmet Mediterranean flavor base, and so much more!

Take your taste buds on a delicious adventure to the Northern Mediterranean with our incredibly delicious and versatile recipe starter sauce. The islands kissed by the Mediterranean sea and sun share a cuisine rich with a bold, yet simply delicious, fusion of ingredients.

With flavor inspiration from Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Crete, Cypress, Santorini, and Corsica, “…those blessed lands of sun and sea and the olive trees”*, our Mediterranean cooking and seasoning sauce brings together the aromatic, flavorful and healthy ingredients that help make this one of the most loved cuisines in the world.

  • Our chef-blended, complex Northern Mediterranean flavor concentrate shortcut sauce helps you turn the simplest of ingredients into an incredible meal!
  • Mediterranean flavors play well with chicken, lamb, beef, potatoes, pasta, seafood, eggplant, feta, spinach, chickpeas, and of course red wine and olive oil.
  • Made with just vegetables, fruit, spices and herbs, perfectly blended and waiting to bring life to your table!
  • As with all of our Whole30 Approved cooking sauces, they are low in sodium and have zero added sugar. Add salt to your own tastes and health needs.
  • Spice level: mild, with just a little kick from crushed red pepper.
  • You can bring the glorious flavors of the Northern Mediterranean to just about anything you’d like to cook, with Mesa de Vida.

*From Elizabeth David’s “A Book of Mediterranean Food” (1950)

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