7 Easy Recipes for Ground Meat or Meatless Vegetarian Ground Meat Alternative

delicious healthy skillet meal using ground meat or vegetarian meatless crumbles

These 7 easy, versatile recipes will break you out of your cooking rut!   Got (ground)beef? Got Beyond Beef? Got ground chicken? Got ground turkey? Got Impossible Burger? Got (enter any ground meat or meat-free crumble of your choice)? Give these easy, healthy recipes a try now!  

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Mesa de Vida chosen as Best Cooking Sauce in the Taste For Life Essentials Awards!

Best healthy pantry essentials award winners

I am thrilled to share that Mesa de Vida was chosen as the Best Cooking Sauce in the Taste for Life 2021 Essentials awards! It is an honor to be chosen, and in the company of so many other wonderful brands. Thank you, Taste for Life magazine!   ## From Taste for Life: Welcome to…

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Grilling Recipes for the Fourth of July- with a Globally-Inspired Gourmet Twist!

Firing up the grill or barbecue on the Fourth of July is practically a requirement. If you’re looking to think outside the bun, try some of these grilling recipes that will bring some globally-inspired flavors to your barbecue and delight your guests! Click each photo below to get the easy, healthy recipes!  

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Watch: Healthy Pantry and Refrigerator Staples for a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy pantry essentials

Whether you’re just starting to cook more at home, or wanting to give your kitchen a makeover to make it easier to stick to a healthier lifestyle, watch the video below where I share the basics that are a great place to start! As a personal chef for professional athletes, I often started working for…

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Let Talk Low-Sodium. Am I anti-salt?

Low sodium cooking sauces Mesa de Vida

Let’s get salty! 🧂 You’ll notice that on the back of the jar of our recipe starter sauce, and on all of the recipes I share, you’ll see “Salt to taste/health needs.” Why? Why not just add more salt to our sauce formulations? Because I don’t know how much salt you like/need/can tolerate/is already in…

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Mesa de Vida is launching in Whole Foods Markets across the nation!

Making healthy global gourmet cooking easy and exciting – Whole Foods Market brings woman-owned cooking sauce company Mesa de Vida to stores nationwide. We are THRILLED to announce that you can now find our saucy little jars packed with concentrated global gourmet flavor at over 450 Whole Foods Markets stores across the United States beginning…

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Becoming a living kidney donor is renewing my commitment to my health – Why I’m doing Whole30

Chef Kirsten Helle Sandoval Image

Who else is ready to make 2019 the year we feel and LIVE our absolute best? I have a whole new reason this year – and for the rest of my life. It’s taken me days to write, and get the courage to share, this bit of information, but here it goes…. In just about…

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Mesa de Vida Whole30 Approved Partnership Press Release

Mesa de Vida Whole30 Approved Gourmet Cooking Sauces image

MESA DE VIDA ANNOUNCES WHOLE30 APPROVED PARTNERSHIP Globally Inspired Gourmet Cooking Sauces Make It Simple to Cook Exciting and Healthy Meals SEATTLE (June 13, 2018) – Mesa de Vida, the brand that makes chef-developed, 100% real-food concentrated cooking bases inspired by vibrant cultures from around the world, is thrilled to partner with Whole30.  As an official Whole30 Approved Partner, Mesa…

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5 DIY Gourmet gift basket ideas!

Holiday gift giving can be stressful. You want your gift to show that you put thought into what the recipient needs or wants, to be unique (but not too weird), and to be something that the recipient will use again and again, remembering how special you made them feel.   Sharing the gift of food…

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Mesa de Vida – giving Ugly Fruits and Vegetables a new life since 2016.

Mesa de Vida- saving thousands of pounds of Ugly Vegetables and Fruit since 2016. 😉   The next batches of Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are under way!   We have the sauces made in small batches (slightly bigger than the hundreds of blenders full I used to make them in) 😉  – and we…

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