I am honored to share a very special recipe in honor of Heart Health Month that was created by Adria of The Emerald Palate .She is a lifestyle blogger, content strategist, and an expert on Seattle/Pacific Northwest tourism & foodie hot spots. (Make sure you’re following her on Instagram too!)


Photo: Adria Saracino, The Emerald Palate


It is always so exciting when a really great cook gets their hands on our healthy cooking sauces. I love to see what they create with them! While the sauces are perfect for people who don’t like to/don’t have time to/don’t know how to cook because they help them make amazing meals simply, these concentrated flavor bases are also great for the gourmet cook that needs healthy, tasty quick-fix items on hand too. (Take it from this chef…I partially developed this company just to have these sauces on hand in my cupboard at all times.)

Adria, for example, is a wonderful cook. But even she needs to have something quick and delicious to turn to on busy nights. She says:

“My favorite thing about the Mesa de Vida globally-inspired sauces is that you’ll recognize everything on the label. Seriously, it has things like “vinegar” and “celery”. These are ingredients I use everyday in my kitchen packaged up into one convenient jar. It eliminates the need to roast a bunch of different (often expensive) spices and slowly add ingredients one at a time to build up depths of flavor. I often do this type of thing from scratch because I’m a purist like that and rarely use jarred sauces, but it means I only make these types of dishes on the weekends. With Mesa de vida, I can get these types of flavors on the table any night of the week without feeling like I sold out to a jar because it’s literally as if I made the sauce ahead of time and put it in the fridge for later.”

Adria dreamed up this inspired, exciting, unique take on the fajita – Creole Shrimp & Steak fajitas! The recipe is special enough for a dinner party, but easy enough for a quick, healthy weeknight meal.

This looks like THE perfect meal that I could make weekly, and my family would always look forward to it. That is a winner in my book. It is sort of a mash-up of Turf & Surf/Taco Night with a New Orleans/Haitian/French twist. She also made the recipe with our Smoky Latin inspired cooking sauce with great success as well, if you’re a purist when it comes to your fajitas.  (Try our super easy sheet pan fajita recipe too!) I cannot wait to try her gluten free, inspired recipe!

Photo: Adria Saracino, The Emerald Palate

Make sure you head over and get Adria’s recipe, her tasting notes, more gorgeous photos of this meal, how to PIN It, and even a little interview she did with me. You’ll find out my favorite Seattle restaurants too, plus all of The Emerald Palate’s guides to all things Seattle.

Thank you so much Adria, Cheers!

Chef Kirsten

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