This recipe for a healthy salmon & feta wrap recipe is simple, nutritious and so fast to make. It is also incredibly delicious! When I make these for my family they come running to the table. (Admittedly, I do have to make a chicken breast for my non-salmon-loving-daughter.) 🙂

Healthy Salmon and Feta Wrap Recipe

Our healthy cooking sauces make a wonderful glaze for roasting fish, chicken, pork, pressed firm tofu or tempeh. Simply rub with a bit of olive oil, slather on the glaze, season to taste with salt and roast until golden brown on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.  Tired of sickeningly-sweet glazes? Our healthy cooking sauces are the perfect way to bump up the flavor AND nutrition in your meals!

While you’re roasting one item, why not roast a few more? I’m always looking for cook once-eat twice meals.  I added some chopped bell pepper and onion along side the salmon and chicken. Of course I tossed them in a bit of Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauce too! So much flavor, so little effort.  The leftovers are fabulous for lunch the next day, great for meal prep. Toss into some cooked quinoa, couscous or rice the next day,  add a bit of extra lime and olive oil and you’ll have a phenomenal salad. 

Looking at this glazed salmon you can practically see the flavor our sauce imparts (wait until you taste it)! Concentrated flavor with vegetables, herbs, spices, brightness from citrus and vinegar, even fruit! We are naturally sweetened with plums, no sugar added! As always, our sauces are low sodium, allowing you to control the salt in your dishes.

Healthy glazed salmon with Mesa de Vida Healthy Cooking Sauces

Healthy Salmon and Feta Wrap Recipe

Roasted salmon (or protein of your choice) & vegetables glazed with Mesa de Vida Healthy Cooking Sauces (For this recipe we used our North African Harissa Inspired Cooking Sauce, feel free to use our Smoky Latin Inspired Cooking Sauce and use crumbled cotija cheese instead.)

Whole grain pita bread or gluten free wraps

Shredded lettuce

Fresh cilantro (we use a lot, as if it is lettuce)

Chopped cucumber, radish and onion if you wish

Crumbled feta cheese

Fresh lemon juice, tzatziki sauce if you wish

Wrap everything up in the pita and enjoy!

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