Here is a recipe for super flavorful fish tacos made simple and nutritious with Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauce!

This entire (amazing) dinner can be done in about 15 minutes. Get the fish on, chop the salsa and mix up your spicy lime crema, then warm the tortillas. Your incredible fish taco dinner will take you straight to Baja, Mexico! (Margarita or Michelada optional.)

Our Smoky Latin inspired cooking sauce adds incredible flavor to the fish, bringing a complex, fresh and vibrant element to this dish that brings everything to life!

My husband ranks fish tacos up in his top 5 all time favorite meals. He gives these a thumbs up, close to his absolute favorite fish tacos in Rosarito, Mexico. On top of that my kids always ask if we can have this meal more often when I make it. I’d say those are some endorsements to be proud of. The fact that this is an incredibly healthy and nutritious meal? Even better!


Make this fish taco recipe Whole30-friendly or Paleo: Wrap the delicious fish in fresh lettuce leaves (or try my plantain tortillas), top with shredded cabbage and the mango salsa. Fresh, crunchy, super satisfying!

Healthy fish taco recipe

Flavorful Fish Tacos

Serves 4-6

2 tsp healthy oil/fat of your choice

1 1/2 lb mahi mahi/cod/halibut/snapper or any firm white fish of your choice
1/4 cup Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin inspired cooking sauce

Salt to taste

To serve: warm tortillas or lettuce leaves, shredded cabbage, salsa (I recommend mango salsa made with 1 chopped mango, 2 Roma tomatoes, 2 Tb fresh chopped cilantro, 1/4 cup finely chopped red or white onion,  pinch of salt mixed with the juice of 1 lime), or lime crema (1/2 cup sour cream or crema mixed with the juice of 1 lime and hot sauce to taste)

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat, when hot add oil, swirl to coat. Add the fish and allow to get golden brown on each side before flipping. Pour in your Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin inspired cooking sauce, stir to coat the fish, then turn the heat down to low. Cover and let cook gently until your fish flakes easily with a fork and the sauce just coats the fish.

If the pan dries out too much before the fish is done, add a bit of water to the pan and cover again. (Fish cooks so fast that I usually don’t have to add any extra liquid. With the heat in the pan trapped in with a tight fitting lid, I tend to sear the fish then add the sauce and cook over low for only about 2-3 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes letting the fish finish cooking gently. Cooking time will depend on the thickness of your fish. For larger pieces cut into smaller chunks to cook faster. )

Serve the fish in the wrap and topped with the crunchy, fresh toppings of your choice. Enjoy!

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