How to make easy, flavorful bone broth

By Kirsten Sandoval | October 31, 2019

If you’re looking for an easy, delicious, no-fuss bone broth recipe with deep, rich flavor and color to sip on or to enrich any other recipe that calls for broth, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find “right and wrong way to make bone broth” tips, the perfect ratios and times for the…

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4 Global Gourmet Menus For Your Next Dinner Party – For All Levels Of Cooks!

By Kirsten Sandoval | August 3, 2018
Mesa de Vida dinner party menus image

Having friends and family over for a casual weekend get-together, but you’re not super confident in your cooking skills? Or hosting a dinner party, but short on time or inspiration? We’ve got 4 amazing globally inspired gourmet menus that will help you create an impressive, exciting, delicious (and healthy!) spread that will make anyone look…

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Whole30 and Paleo Friendly Beefy Latin Burger & Fry Sliders

By Kirsten Sandoval | June 29, 2018
beefy latin burger & fry sliders image

Are you looking for a healthy, flavorful burger option? Get your burger and fries in one bite, and elevate your burger game with our Whole30 and Paleo friendly Beefy Latin Burger & Fry Sliders. Adding our rich, thick, concentrated cooking sauce & flavor base to your meat mixture means you’re going to get excellent gourmet…

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How To Make Pork Al Pastor At Home

By Kirsten Sandoval | May 4, 2018
latin sauce and oven baked pork al pastor image

This simple technique and recipe will help you make authentic tasting Pork Al Pastor right in your own kitchen! We absolutely love pork al pastor. I first had tacos al pastor many years ago from a taco truck in the Seattle area, and I fell in love with the flavorful marinated, slow roasted, caramelized, thinly…

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How to Braise: Simple Healthy Cooking Technique for Juicy, Delicious Results!

By Kirsten Sandoval | February 22, 2018

Are you looking for ways to keep meat juicy and tender? How about a heart-healthy way to cook with less salt, while still having your food taste exciting and delicious? Then braising is the healthy cooking technique you’re going to love! If you’re struggling with meat drying out, tired of the same-old boring vegetables, or…

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Easy, Healthy, Delicious Shredded Meat in the Instant Pot

By Kirsten Sandoval | January 15, 2018

If you’re looking for a simple, healthy chicken recipe for your Instant Pot, then Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are for you! You can make this incredibly delicious Moroccan Shredded Chicken recipe in the Instant Pot using frozen chicken tenders in just 10 minutes with our simple healthy cooking sauces. In this case we’ve…

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5 Minute Prep Sheet Pan Fajitas with Mesa de Vida Healthy Cooking Sauce.

By Kirsten Sandoval | January 3, 2018

Fajitas make a fast, healthy, satisfying meal that brings everyone to the table! Fajitas are great for a quick weeknight dinner, or even entertaining friends and family.  I also love them because they can be switched up in many different ways, so you can always bring something fresh, exciting and delicious to the table! Making…

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Paleo Pork and Root Vegetable Chili Recipe

By Kirsten Sandoval | October 16, 2017

This easy and delicious pork and root vegetable chili is made it with an all-natural (no nitrates, no sugar) chorizo, cubed root vegetables, a jar of Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin healthy cooking sauce, a bit of broth and that’s it! The flavor was so delicious, it happens to be a Paleo and Whole30 friendly…

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Healthy Fall Soups & Stews with Chef Kirsten on New Day NW!

By Kirsten Sandoval | September 28, 2017

I had a wonderful time on King5’s New Day Northwest sharing 4 healthy & simple fall soups and stews! Fall and winter are when we often break out the slow cooker, Instant Pot (electric slow cooker) and start craving hearty comfort foods. We can have everything we want AND keep it healthy & flavor packed…

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Flavorful, low-sodium, low-sugar BBQ glazes.

By Kirsten Sandoval | June 7, 2017

Are you looking for a delicious, flavorful marinade and glaze that is low in sodium and sugar? Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are what you need! Not only are our sauces the delicious flavor base for thousands of recipes, they also make fantastic marinades and glazes! Other marinades and glazes are often full of…

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