There is a reason why Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are inspired by vibrant cultures around the world: I am completely obsessed with these cultures.

The flavors and feelings I’m trying to help bring to the table through these sauces are about sharing delicious food, nourishing our bodies and coming together with friends and family as often as possible.

As a personal chef I’ve had the good fortune to work with clients from a multitude of backgrounds, leading me to research and study the food and culture from many different ethnicities. I began to notice a difference from the “standard American” diet and lifestyle I had grown up with and observed as the norm.

Not only do these cultures share a common thread of their food being vibrant, bright, bold and incredibly nourishing, they also share meals together more often. Meals at the table don’t happen just once or twice a year. They aren’t rushed through. The preparation isn’t done with disdain or animosity. Meals are cooked and enjoyed together daily, and with great pleasure. They were most often simple, wholesome meals that bring life to and around the table.

Sobremesa means “over the table.”  Spaniards refer to this as the “art of the conversation” while enjoying a meal with friends or family. Instead rushing to finish a meal, each course is eaten slowly and enjoyed with conversation around the table. After the meal everyone lingers, enjoying  more conversation, perhaps with a digestion-aiding liqueur, some wine or coffee.

As I’ve shared before, “pausing to think about the preparation of food, the people who shopped for it and chose it, and the people coming around the table with us can cause us to take more time to sit and celebrate, regardless of what’s on the menu. An opportunity three times a day to say, “How lucky are we!” Mesa de Vida is Spanish for “table of life”, and isn’t that exactly what we’re celebrating when we gather for a meal with friends and family?

I hope you allow us to help you create delicious, healthy meals at your table of life more often! Life is busy and there are a lot of processed foods that promise to help you prepare food faster, often at the detriment of your health. Our healthy cooking sauces don’t compromise anything, are packed full of only concentrated fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs to help you create incredible meals – simply, allowing you more time to enjoy some sobremesa in your home, more often.

I invite you to get inspired by our delicious, simple recipes and order some sauce, to bring more life to your table today!

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