Mesa de Vida- saving thousands of pounds of Ugly Vegetables and Fruit since 2016. 😉


The next batches of Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are under way!


We have the sauces made in small batches (slightly bigger than the hundreds of blenders full I used to make them in) 😉  – and we give ALL THE LOVE to Ugly Veggies!


Did you know? Our cooking sauces/recipe starters/shortcut sauce/all purpose seasoning – however YOU use them, there are a million ways – are made with concentrated vegetables, fruit, whole ground spices and herbs. Yep- we’re more than just water flavored with seasonings folks!


We boost the flavor AND nutrition of your meals- because we love ya!


Because these wholesome, nutritious, glorious veggies and fruit go from the farmer’s hands to the store  (they’re too ugly, but perfect in every other way) then get crushed and sent out for those of us that will give them the love they deserve. Then they’re combined into our amazing, delicious, versatile healthy cooking sauces!


We are super jazzed to be able to give these ugly veggies and fruits a glorious life, all packed up into our pretty jars and into your kitchens to create more healthy, more delicious, more exciting meals at home more often – simply!

Find out more about our NATURALLY Heart Healthy * Gluten Free * Non GMO * Dairy Free * Grain Free * Low Sodium * No Sugar cooking sauces here! We’re proud of our clean ingredient label, and I can’t wait for you to see how these sauces can help you enjoy healthier, more delicious, more exciting meals at home more often – simply!

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