Let’s get salty! 🧂

You’ll notice that on the back of the jar of our recipe starter sauce, and on all of the recipes I share, you’ll see “Salt to taste/health needs.”

Why? Why not just add more salt to our sauce formulations?

Because I don’t know how much salt you like/need/can tolerate/is already in any other ingredients you’re combining our sauces with,


I wanted to create healthy convenience products for you that aren’t essentially just water/oil loaded with salt to make the other ingredients’ flavors stretch further.

I think you deserve better, and while those conscious decisions I made means it costs more to produce our products, I stand by my commitment to make products that truly enhance your health- not detract from it.

(Also I wouldn’t feel right about selling you bottles or jars that are basically nothing more than salty water and oil with some old dried-out spices and pre-packed commercial seasoning blends!)

I also know what it’s like looking for low sodium convenience products for my pantry. I knew there had to be a way we could have it all, so I went out and created it for us! (And believe me, I was told more than several times it couldn’t be done with the minimal amount of salt for a shelf-stable product…I also knew I had to prove them wrong. 😉)

Low sodium cooking sauces Mesa de Vida

I’m a living kidney donor and have a family history of heart disease. I know that most of us are in that same boat- it is the number one cause of death in this country. I also have a family history of kidney disease, so keeping our salt intake low has been a part of our lives since I can remember.

Does that mean I’m anti-salt? Heck no! I keep an assortment of Himalayan, Redmond Real Salt, and other gourmet salts at the ready.

I just add salt to OUR tastes and health needs when I cook a meal with Mesa de Vida.

Once I switched to a #real food” lifestyle (when I lost over 100lb and turned around my high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes at the age of 25) I actually found that I could salt my food a little more liberally, and got used to less.

Do you limit your salt intake, or have a family history of heart disease too, and have any tips about heart-healthy living that you’d like to share? 

Comment below!


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