December is a time for many to think of giving gifts. There are countless articles being circulated about downsizing, giving to charities, and living simply as alternatives to the conventional consumerism we see during the holiday season. It won’t come as any surprise to learn that we have a deliciously fresh perspective on this topic!

Why not give the gift of new memories!

Preparing and serving food is like giving a gift every day when we think about the legacies we’re leaving for our families with food. Food is an integral part of our memories in that our olfactory bulb (the part of the brain that registers smell) has direct connections to the parts of our brain that process emotions and memory. That’s why smelling apple pie may remind you of Christmas at Grandma’s house, making you wistful. Food also involves traditions passed from generation to generation as we gather for holiday meals each year.

What if our focus this holiday season were to be on giving the gift of time and memories as a way to connect with friends and family instead of merely wrapping another sweater or pair of socks? Since food is a part of memories, we can be intentional about creating moments to savor both! And because cooking for our families can be a gift we give far more often than once a year, what a great opportunity to expand the family palate to include new and international flavors!

This month we’re featuring our North African Harissa sauce, whose Moroccan spices will create bold and exotic new memories right alongside your familiar ones. And this sauce, like all of our sauces, is perfectly combined to include flavors you will relish without any of the gluten, added sodium, or preservatives so often found in other products. It’s the gift of health!

Here’s our holiday suggestion: Why not offer gift packages of one or more of our sauces and then prepare a meal together? It’s a novel and appetizing way to compel friends and family to say, “Shokran” when you give them the gift of healthy and happy time together.

Happy Holidays from Mesa de Vida!

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