kirsten-helle-mesa-vida-headshot-session-091-web-optimizedFood is a gift that we may take for granted because mealtimes come around three times a day, but pausing to think about the preparation of food, the people who shopped for it and chose it, and the people coming around the table with us can cause us to take more time to sit and celebrate, regardless of what’s on the menu. An opportunity three times a day to say, “How lucky are we!” Mesa de vida is Spanish for “table of life”, and isn’t that exactly what we’re celebrating when we gather for a meal with friends and family?

If your family is like ours, and like lots of other families around the world, you’ve created some rituals around food, whether for a formal occasion or simply because it’s Tuesday night and everyone is home for dinner.

kirsten-helle-mesa-vida-headshot-session-112-web-optimizedOur family is comprised of a mix of cultures, one of them being Latin American, where local vegetables and seasonings combine to create a spicy concert of flavors that loved ones enjoy when gathering for a meal. We’ve noticed one cultural difference between American and Latin American cultures has been described this way: while Americans schedule their mealtimes around work, the Mexicans work around their eating schedule. Portion sizes and length of a meal may also be different outside our borders, as Latin American meals tend to be leisurely, social affairs to savor rather than perfunctory events between other, supposedly more important, calendar items.

At Mesa de Vida we want to help you create a world of cultural flavors that encourages you to celebrate life and be grateful for all it has to offer.

Since the holidays are a time of gratitude, we suggest adding some novel seasonings to your palate as you take time to be thankful for all the flavors the world has to offer. Our Smoky Latin sauce is a tangy blend of Mexican boldness, smoky Spanish notes, and a mixture of other Latin elements to help you create delicious, healthy meals so you can be grateful for a very, very long time!

All of our products are free of GMOs, added sugars, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and animal products. Most of our sauces are nut and soy free, as well, so all families can sit down to the same delicious meal. To celebrate life at the table.

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