5 DIY Gourmet gift basket ideas!

By Kirsten Sandoval | December 9, 2017

Holiday gift giving can be stressful. You want your gift to show that you put thought into what the recipient needs or wants, to be unique (but not too weird), and to be something that the recipient will use again and again, remembering how special you made them feel.   Sharing the gift of food…

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Mesa de Vida – giving Ugly Fruits and Vegetables a new life since 2016.

By Kirsten Sandoval | September 10, 2017

Mesa de Vida- saving thousands of pounds of Ugly Vegetables and Fruit since 2016. 😉   The next batches of Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces are under way!   We have the sauces made in small batches (slightly bigger than the hundreds of blenders full I used to make them in) 😉  – and we…

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What is a tagine, and what can I use if I don’t have one?

By Kirsten Sandoval | May 20, 2017

What is a tagine – and what is a good substitute for a tagine? A tagine is a conical cooking pot with a shallow base and tall, cone-shaped lid that is commonly used to make tagines, or stews. The name of the dish and the name of the meal cooking inside of it are the same.…

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