This recipe for Black Bean and Butternut Squash Tacos is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Healthy meals are minutes away when you keep a supply of Mesa de Vida Healthy Cooking Sauces and some pantry and freezer staples on hand! (Have you seen our healthy shopping and real -food lifestyle tips? Download it now for free!)

When I first made these I fell in love with the flavor. Now they are a regular rotation in our weekly menus at my house! Bold Latin flavor from onions, garlic, bell peppers and all of the rich, complex seasonings are ready and waiting for you in our jars full of goodness. Serious flavor in minutes with hardly any effort!

Meal Planning Tip: While you’re making enough for breakfast, go ahead and make several more for the week! Wrap well and keep this healthy breakfast taco or burrito in your refrigerator to grab on a rushed morning. Simply reheat in the oven for about 10 minutes.

Whole30, Paleo or Low Carb-Friendly Tips: Scrambled eggs with a dollop of Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin healthy cooking sauce is a delicious and healthy option any time. Serve on roasted zucchini slices, wrapped in a coconut wrap or pumpkin seed tortilla, along side butternut squash and/or sweet potatoes sauteed in a bit of the Smoky Latin cooking sauce, or on plantain tortillas. Don’t forget to top it all off with some fresh pico de gallo or your favorite salsa!

These are serious fuel for a busy day! Full of vitamins, fiber and protein in an exciting, flavorful breakfast taco. Enjoy!

Healthy recipe for black bean and butternut squash breakfast tacos

Vegetarian Black Bean & Butternut Squash Breakfast Tacos (or Burritos)

Makes 4 breakfast tacos, enough for 2 hungry people. 

For the black bean & butternut squash filling:

2 Tb Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin Inspired Cooking Sauce

1 cup black beans

1 cup cooked cubed (or use frozen) butternut squash

2 Tb water

Salt and hot sauce to taste

For the scrambled eggs:

Healthy oil/fat of your choice

1 Tb Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin Inspired Cooking Sauce

4 eggs (use whole eggs or all egg whites, whichever you prefer)

Salt and hot sauce to taste

Crumbled/shredded cheese to taste (Cotija cheese is our favorite)

4 corn tortillas, warmed until soft and pliable

  1. Make the filling by adding 2 Tb of Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin Inspired Cooking Sauce, black beans, butternut squash, water, salt and hot sauce (to taste) in a skillet over medium heat. Bring to a simmer and cook until the squash is fully cooked and soft, about 8-10 minutes.  Raise the heat to medium-high and mash the beans and squash a bit with the back of the spoon. Cook until all of the liquid evaporates off, 1-2 more minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, warm the tortillas and wrap well. Whisk the eggs and season with salt and hot sauce (to taste).
  3. Heat a skillet over medium heat, when hot add healthy oil/fat of your choice (if necessary), swirl to coat. Add 1 Tb of Mesa de Vida Smoky Latin Inspired Cooking sauce, cook for 20 seconds or so, stirring the entire time. (The wonderful aroma will fill your kitchen!) Add the eggs and slowly stir, cooking until you have tender, soft scrambled eggs. Remove from the heat.
  4. Serve the tacos by adding a bit of the black bean and butternut squash filling, the scrambled eggs and a bit of cheese to the warm tortillas. Enjoy!


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