How to Braise: Simple Healthy Cooking Technique for Juicy, Delicious Results!

By Kirsten Sandoval | February 22, 2018

…to the table more often. Braising is great for meats, but also try it to create exciting, flavorful vegetables and one-pan meals! Imagine a braised chicken, carrots and potatoes meal…

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Oven-Braised One-Pan Meal – Global Gourmet Not-So-Basic-Basics with Mesa de Vida

By Kirsten Sandoval | January 16, 2019
Easy Oven Braised One-Pot Meal image

This easy technique for oven-braised one-pan meals is probably the recipe I’m most excited to share with you! I can honestly say that I make some variation on this meal…

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Mediterranean Braised Turkey Meatballs and Ragu Recipe

By Kirsten Sandoval | February 10, 2020

…sauce thinner, simply add a bit more water. Instead of meatballs, you can make a gorgeous Mediterranean braised meat using whole cuts of meat (lamb stew meat, lamb shanks, cubed…

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Creole Braised Chicken Recipe

By Kirsten Sandoval | May 11, 2020

Succulent, flavorful chicken stewed in a rich and tasty braise that starts with Mesa de Vida Creole Cooking & Seasoning Sauce. This easy yet impressive recipe is sure to become…

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Greek Braised Chickpeas Recipe

By Kirsten Sandoval | March 3, 2020

How to make Greek Braised Chickpeas, a delicious and easy chickpea recipe. It’s perfect for a side dish or a vegetarian main entree. Simple pantry staples become a restaurant-worthy dinner…

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Braised Feta Pasta Skillet

By Kirsten Sandoval | October 28, 2021
Braised feta skillet recipe header

…an easy meal that will impress your guests!) Instead of baking the feta pasta, we’re going to braise it in our savory, flavorful recipe starter sauce. I love the flavor…

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Braised Butternut Squash and Ground Turkey Skillet

By Kirsten Sandoval | November 24, 2021
Butternut squash and ground turkey skillet feature photo.

…make it. I hope you enjoy! Braised Butternut Squash and Ground Turkey Skillet This easy skillet braise features butternut squash and ground turkey that get braised together in our…

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How to make Chicken Tinga

By Kirsten Sandoval | February 21, 2017

…in the slow cooker or Instant Pot. I’ve included the directions for a stovetop braise (my favorite method), the slow cooker as well as the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker)….

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4 Global Gourmet Menus For Your Next Dinner Party – For All Levels Of Cooks!

By Kirsten Sandoval | August 3, 2018
Mesa de Vida dinner party menus image

…make a vegetarian feast by using all vegetables and some chickpeas. You don’t need any special equipment, a slow cooker or low, slow braise in the oven will work just…

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Mediterranean Slow Cooker Beef Stew

By Kirsten Sandoval | April 20, 2019

…degree oven for 3-4 hours. You’ll get the same delicious results with this slow oven braise as you will from a slow cooker. I hope you enjoy our delicious Mediterranean…

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